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BASTA! supports the action week “Resistance and solidarity in everyday life”

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Hey everybody,

your friendly initiative of unemployed people has some news for you. Since 01.01.2018 there are new upper rent limits, which the Jobcenter has to pay due to a new regulation (AV-Wohnen) introduced by the Red-Red-Green Senate in Berlin. That sounds good at first, but still there are 86.000 households whose rent is above these limits. These households have to pay the rent not covered by the Job Center out of their standard Hartz-IV rate. They therefore have even less for living than the normal-minimum budget. This causes different problems i.e. late rent payments which leads to the terminantion of the rent contract, loss of flat and in the face of tight housing market also to homelessness. In addition, we have the impression that the job center does not inform about the raised rent limits, and does not automatically adjust to the new limits since 01.01.2018 for the cost of accommodation (KdU).

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