2. School of the Unemployed (2017)

2. School of the Unemployed (2017)

We invite you!

Finally, the time is ripe: We want to invite you to the second round of the school of the unemployed. In five events we want to share our experiences with the jobcenter-system and develop skills for a self-confident way of acting. But we don’t only want to deal with stressful things that we are already confronted with every day, we also want to take a look beyond and think about alternatives and possible ways to reach them.

All events are prepared collectively by people who came to BASTA! for counseling and proposed themes responding to the emails of the last weeks and months. They are supported by people whom you know from counseling and who participate in shaping BASTA! as a political project.

And because together we are so much more entertaining, productive and encouraging than alone, even if we are kept being told the opposite, we are looking forward to welcome you in the school of the unemployed


Sa/So 11./12.03.2017, each 2-7 pm at Sprengelhaus, Sprengelstr. 15 in Wedding

Theatre workshop – Less stress at jobcenter appointments

This workshop is an experiment. It’s mainly adressed to people who want to accompany other people to their appointments at the jobcenter. By means of exchanging experience, small roll plays as well as body and voice action we want to improve the perception and expressiveness for an appropriate appearance. The workshop will be lead by a dramatics expert, who reactivated her experience of working with groups for this purpose. Please wear comfortable clothes (which may get dirty), bring plenty of beverages and if available a yoga matress. Outdoor shoes are strictly prohibited in the workshop room! Beginning is punctual! The number of participant is limited, please request by mail to basta-eloschule@riseup.net.

17.03.2017, 5-7 pm at counseling room of BASTA! Schererstr. 8 im Wedding

Developing text modules – Letters to the jobcenter on a level playing field

Based on own experiences respectively our correspondence with the jobcenter we want to exmeplarily present three different actual siutations (request for annulment of an „Verwaltungsakt“ at social law court and objection on a „Maßnahmenzuweisung“; how does the jobcenter make income from existing and known wealth; counterproposal or rather modification proposal for an „Eingliederungsvereinbarung“). Afterwards we want to answer your questions and want to create an interexchange on how to effectively react on the behavior and letters from the jobcenter.

24.03.2017, 5-7 pm at counseling room of BASTA! Schererstr. 8 im Wedding

The sanktion regime and media star Sanktionsfrei.de

Most of us have already made experiences with the sanctioning regime of the jobcenters. How was this pressuring strategy developed further? How can we defend ourselves? Help is much needed. A „service of experts“ promises solutions – „sanktionsfrei.de“, batman of the unemployed? Our David against Goliath?

31.03.2017, 5-7 pm at counseling room of BASTA! Schererstr. 8 im Wedding

If not Us, who else“ – Extraparliamentary (political) structures by and for unemployed and precarious people

Unemployed people – and sometimes working people, too – often experience that their legitimate desire for a life without material need is not being met by society. The politicians responsible for change are either not willing or not capable of improving the situation. In worker’s unions and NGO’s the case doesn’t look much different. The hope for improvements that some set into the Federal Institutional Court are also regularily disappointed. Reason enough to think about what we can change.

07.04.2017, 5-7 pm at counseling room of BASTA! Schererstr. 8 im Wedding

Not just a piece of the cake, but the whole bakery!“ – Unconditional basic income versus equivalent economy

Economy as basis of human existence provides all necessary goods and services. But how is it organized? And how are decisions made about who gets how much? The present state with its extreme inequalities cannot be rationally explained and is deeply unjust – sofar the two groups that prepare this evening agree. Against the current situation they propose two different models: A basic unconditional income, that all people are entitled to and of an amount that is truely enough to live, and an equivalence economy, in which working time is a central measure and it is only produced what is really needed.

And at 9 pm: Live-Music von Bert Kartesas & Miksĉifona Contra gentrification and discrimination

Against eviction! „For the luxury of a few many are deprived of their possibilities“ – why? In their songs Kartesas and Miksĉifona follow this question. Hope for human self-reliazation is the keynote of their texts and music.

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