School for the unemployed

2. School of the Unemployed (2017)

We invite you!

Finally, the time is ripe: We want to invite you to the second round of the school of the unemployed. In five events we want to share our experiences with the jobcenter-system and develop skills for a self-confident way of acting. But we don’t only want to deal with stressful things that we are already confronted with every day, we also want to take a look beyond and think about alternatives and possible ways to reach them.

All events are prepared collectively by people who came to BASTA! for counseling and proposed themes responding to the emails of the last weeks and months. They are supported by people whom you know from counseling and who participate in shaping BASTA! as a political project.

And because together we are so much more entertaining, productive and encouraging than alone, even if we are kept being told the opposite, we are looking forward to welcome you in the school of the unemployed!


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