School of the unemployed

School of the Unemployed

Every year, together with people we know from counselling, actions or other BASTA!-activities, we organize a school of the unemployed. The school of the unemployed takes place once a week during a period of 5-6 weeks. Every meeting is prepared by a small group of people on a topic which they find worth presenting. In this way we want to reflect together on our situation and experiences, we want to analyze social causes and processes, think about utopias of equality and organize.

The school of the unemployed is about:

  • Concrete tipps and tools for everyday life

For example: How to write letters to the jobcenter, strategies for jobcenter meetings, how to cope with stress etc.

  • Political education

For example: What is the role of unemployment in capitalism? How did the Hartz-reforms evolve? How are social problems made into psychological problems that individuals have to cope with alone? How can we reverse this process and work on social problems collectively?

  • How can we organize? How can we go on with BASTA! ?

For example: Presentation of the work that is happening at BASTA!, possibilities for participation, collecting of new ideas, founding working groups, finding new combatants


If you have ideas for the next school of the unemployed and/or would like to help prepare it, write an email or have a chat with us! The school will be in English and German.

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