School for the unemployed

2. School of the Unemployed (2017)

We invite you!

Finally, the time is ripe: We want to invite you to the second round of the school of the unemployed. In five events we want to share our experiences with the jobcenter-system and develop skills for a self-confident way of acting. But we don’t only want to deal with stressful things that we are already confronted with every day, we also want to take a look beyond and think about alternatives and possible ways to reach them.

All events are prepared collectively by people who came to BASTA! for counseling and proposed themes responding to the emails of the last weeks and months. They are supported by people whom you know from counseling and who participate in shaping BASTA! as a political project.

And because together we are so much more entertaining, productive and encouraging than alone, even if we are kept being told the opposite, we are looking forward to welcome you in the school of the unemployed!

  1. School of the Unemployd (2016)

Dear BASTA Family,

a lot has been happening at BASTA. We contact you now, because we need you! We invite you to take over more responsibility at BASTA. We know how hard it can be to join a group
of mostly unfamiliar people, so we want to make it easier for you. We invite you to our School of the Poor (Erwerbslosenschule), that starts on January 22nd 2016 and takes
place every friday from 5pm-7pm until February 26th. The detailed dates are at the end of this mail.

If you would like to prepare one friday-session with us, please come to the preparation meeting next friday, November 27th, 5 pm, at our BASTA room. For preparing one session
with us you will get a little compensation.

Each of the six sessions will be a nice evening, where we learn a lot from each other. Each session will be opened from one of you (thats what we mean with prepare). The connection of your experience and our experience from the counceling and from the plenary will be the starting point to prepare the School of the Poor.

Why you?
We want to get to know you better. Together we want to understand the injustice of the world a little better. We want to learn from your strategies and fights with Jobcenters, bosses, other administrations and landlords, from your courage and your doubts. We think that you would also like to learn something and exchange some ideas.

What happens after the School of the Poor?
After the School of the Poor has finished you will have a good insight into the work and motivation of BASTA. You are then ready to join and take over some responsibility, of course in your very own way and in correspondance with your timetable. The possibilities are almost endless: The School of the poor should take place yearly, the counseling and accompanying teams, the internet team, the campaign team, the PR team and the infrastructure team could use some help. We also want to hang out more often, you could get that started. You can introduce new projects or become part of existing stuff.

You could just scream at the world? Then become a part of BASTA!
If you want to be an active and responsible part of our project but you didn’t find the right way to join yet: Now is your time! Write us an email or talk to us in our counseling hours. Everybody who takes part in the School of the poor will get a book to orient you in the struggle with the Jobcenter and the world. There will be snacks and drinks and the room will be heated!

The school will be bilingual (english-german), you should speak one of the languages, otherwise it does not make sense. If you only speak another language but would like to

join, you would have to find someone to translate for you. If that works please contact us and we integrate that into the programm.

Warm greetings from


This project is financially supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

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