summerbreak in August

We do a summerbreak. We will not organize counsellings and accompaniments during the whole August. The last counselling in July will be on July 31st 10am-1pm in the Schererstr. 8. The first counselling after the summerbreak will be on the 3rd of September 2-5pm also in the Schererstr. 8. Plenum will take place as usual on mondays at 7 pm.

For urgent needs we recommend you the brand new socialconselling in the Kiezhaus Agnes Reinhold in Afrikanischen Str.. Every Thursday from 3-6 pm.

5th of June | companion-meeting

There is a group within BASTA!, which organizes companions to the Jobcenter. They meet every 1st wednesday of the month in the Schererstr. 8 at 6 pm. Here you can get to know how the companions at BASTA! work and exchange with others expieriences you made with companions. It’s also the right place for you, if you are interested in accompanying others yourself. Feel invited to come by!

companion-meeting | 5th of June  | 6 pm | Schererstr. 8

womens*meeting at BASTA!

Every second and fourth monday in a month some BASTA!-women* meet at 5 pm to talk about and upskill on different topics (such as poverty, work, unemployment, abortion, …). We also think about how we could raise public attention on for us relevant topics from our perspective.

Feel invited to get to know us and to come over.

womens*meeting | every 2nd & 4th monday | 5 pm | Schererstr. 8

24th of May | demonstration in memory of Dieter Eich

During the night from the 24th to the 25th of May 2000 the unemployed Dieter Eich was murdered in Berlin Buch by four Neo-Nazis, who belonged to the fellowship-network. For this murder the breeding ground of an increasing competetive society, racism and hate on poor people was essential. To mark this and to keep the memory on Dieter Eich awake we will take part in the Demonstration in Berlin Buch again. We call on you to do the same.

Last year we published together with Charlie Burrito from the FAU-Berlin a backround-article (german) about the murder on Dieter Eich in the Direkte Aktion. The german call for the demonstration this year you find on the website of the organizing network Niemand ist Vergessen.

Fr. May 24th | 5 pm | S-Bhf. Buch (Pankow)

meeting point to travel together from Berlin center:

4.30 pm | S-Bhf. Gesundbrunnen (Wedding)

Urgent Call for support

Dear People,

since nearly ten years our social counselling exists as an essential part of left-wing infrastructure in Berlin. Countless times we saved people‘s ass – which means their material income – in the last second no matter if they are part of the left-scene or not. And also if many people don‘t had any problems with the jobcenter there was still the certainty that in the worst case they could rely on the solidary initiative.

That is for sure all true and right and that‘s how it is meant to be. We wan‘t to guard your back so that you can be politically active, without exhausting all the time in wage labour. In the past that worked nearly perfectly. However we have to admit, that in the last time we failed in reaching our ideal of a growing group. In the same time, in which we shrinked as a group the number of people coming to our counselling grew steadily. That now lead to the situation that week after week we’re overrunning our opening times so that many of us are on their last leg concerning their ressources.

In short we urgently need support to keep on going with the social counselling as an unconditional one. We‘re searching for people, who want to get started with the counselling as well as to organize with us for longer. In return you can expect a collective which you can really rely on and that gives you the security to stand beside you in difficult situations. We want the previous lines to be understood not as an kindly request, but as a serious call. If you‘re interested, please visit us during our opening times or write us an e-mail.

We look forward to hearing from you

Zur aktuellen Situation der Diskriminierung von Migrant*innen und Menschen of Colour in den Jobcenter

Invitation to the meeting on the current situation of discrimination against migrants and people of color in the Jobcenter to develop common approaches and strategies against it on 19th and 20th  January 2019 in Berlin.

Dear friends,

Our meeting on the topic of exclusion of migrants through the jobcenter will take place for a second time. This time we’ll meet in Berlin at Basta! (Schererstr. 8 – ABB). The meeting will start on 19th January at 7 o’clock and will continue on 20th January from 10 o’clock in the same place.

What interests do the BA (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) and the BMAS (Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales) have to support and initiate a process that puts EU migrants under special observation, suspecting them of committing criminal acts? Doing wage labor is possible for EU migrants within the framework of freedom of movement, at the same time constitutional protection is withdrawn. The techniques and justifications of deprivation have nationalistic features. So, what can we do?

All active anti-racist, anticapiatlist and emancipatory groups, initatives and/or individuals as well as those who want to be active on this topic are invited to the meeting.

Suggested Program:

Saturday, 19.01.19 start 19:00

  • Introductory round of the participating groups and individual representatives
  • Exchange of the results of the working groups

Sunday, 20.10.19, 10:00-15:00

  • Ideas for common approaches (public relations, campaigns, etc.)

We take care for food! Please let us know your translation needs and if you come!

We look forward to seeing you!

ALSO (Arbeitslosenselbsthilfe Oldenburg e.V.), Workers’ Center München, BASTA Berlin

Women* School of unemployed at BASTA! – Preparation meeting Monday 7th January 5 pm

Happy New Year,

We met in december and exchanged views on which topics would be important for us in the Unemployment School. Here are some examples:

  • Bedarfsgemeinschaften
  • Privatization of the social sector
  • Experiences in cleaning in German households
  • 1-euro jobs and the removal of commons
  • Employment and qualification opportunities for women* in the job center
  • legal information on education and participation package / child- and parental allowance
  • Health care as well as access to contraception and abortion
  • Access to housing for single-parents and families // Living conditions in dormitories //

At the school, people of any gender identity can participate, whereas women* will be the persons to choose and present the topics. Men* are welcome to support. Whether the workshops are open to all gender should be decided by the speakers during the preparation period.

At the next meeting, we want to form small groups that deal with the different topics and prepare the workshops together, ie search for texts, share their own experiences, etc.

The next meeting will take place on Monday, January 7, again at 5 pm in Schererstraße. Bring some friends!

Women* School of unemployed at BASTA! – Preparation meeting Monday 10th December 5 pm

In the school of unemployed, we want to understand the Hartz IV system better. We share, analyze and politicize our everyday experiences in government agencies and develop collective strategies to deal with them.

This time it’s about the situation of poor women*. Why?

Women* are twice as likely to be marginally employed as men, earn less on average and care for relatives more often. Unpaid caregiving and low wages lead to long-term poverty and maintain social inequality.

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