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No consultation this Thursday in Neukölln and next Thursday in Lichtenberg

Hello dear people,

the consultation this week Thursday (10.09.20) at the Lunte in Neukölln and next week Thursday (17.09.20) at the WiLMa in Lichtenberg will unfortunately be cancelled.

From next week on Tuesday, the consultation will be open again at Schererstraße 8 – please note the changed opening hours from 12-16 o’clock.

See you

your BASTAs

BASTA! does summer break


we temporarily close our physical on-site consultation and take a summer break. In Schererstraße 8 and in Magdalenenstraße 19 no counselling will take place in the period from 17th August to 14th September 2020. The last consultation (with appointment allocation) before the summer break will therefore be on 11th August in Schererstraße. The first consultation after that will be on 15th September.

In Lunte (Weisestraße 53 in Neukölln) we have different closing times. There will be no counselling here for the whole of August. The first consultation here is again on 3rd September from 6 pm.

At the following locations you can find counseling on the topic of jobcenter:

Café Müßiggang:

Hartzer Roller:

Kiezhaus Agnes Reinhold:

We wish you all the best and stay healthy.

Your BASTAs!

BASTA! In times of Corona

Dear ones,

due to the virus we had to reorganise our counselling and accompaniment work.

The plenary is restricted. Should you be interested in attending one of our plenary sessions, please let us know.

You need advice? These are the current counselling possibilities (update 09.11.20):

• Personal counselling at Scherer 8 | Tue. 2-5 pm

>>> Due to the current situation, we are again focusing more strongly on online consulting. Our consultants are still on site in the Scherer, but for health protection reasons we only want to advise in urgent emergencies, please contact us in advance by mail (see below) <<<

At Schererstraße 8 we provide an open counselling again from September 2020, i.e. without appointment but with a waiting list. You can sign up on this list before the on-site counselling. If there is too much demand, we unfortunately have to close the waiting list. This also means that if you arrive earlier, it is more likely that you will get counselling.

• Personal counselling at WiLMa Magdalenenstr. 19 in Lichtenberg | Every 1st & 3rd Thu. 6-8 pm

As usual, our Lichtenberg counselling only takes place twice a month. You can simply drop by here without an appointment. But please bring some waiting time.

• Personal counselling at Lunte Weisestr. 53 in Neukölln | Tue. 6-8 pm (only with appointment)

Due to the current situation the consultation at Lunte takes place only with appointment allocation. Please fill out one of the two appointment forms:

For an appointment at 6 pm:

For an appointment at 7 pm:

In general: As the number of people in need of counselling is very high at the moment, please be as clear as possible what your problem is and formulate clear and concrete questions that you want to ask us. If you are waiting for advice, talk to the other people seeking advice. You will soon notice that you are not alone with your problems.

Counselling by mail

Write an email to with your preferably concrete consulting question and the context. If possible, please write in English or German and with the subject “counselling question”. We will then get in touch with you asap.

Please consider that the current situation, which is hitting our class particularly hard, will increase the need for counselling. Therefore, as always, please organise yourself, try to do everything you can yourself in advance and then write us a question that is as specific as possible.

Please understand if sometimes you don’t get consultation from us immediately. Then try other counseling centres as well. Here is a selection:

Café Müßiggang:

Hartzer Roller:

Agnes Reinhold neighbourhood house:

Our accompanying offer is currently still frozen. However, appointment invitations are already being sent out again by jobcenter. If you have received one, just talk to us and we will see what we can do regarding an escort.

Take care of yourself

Your BASTA!’s

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#niemandzahltdrauf: rental campaign from BASTA! started

Dear comrades, dear friends, dear interested people,

we’re running a campaign right now. The aim of the campaign is to abolish the rental ceilings by the Jobcenters. The Jobcenters only pay rent up to a certain level. Whose rent is above this limit is usually simply “out of luck“ and has to pay the exceeding amount out of the “Grundbedarf“ (the amount of money for other basic needs besides rent). We want to put an end to this – especially in view of the general Berlin rent madness. The caps on rent amounts are regulated by the state of Berlin and can thus be abolished. By means of various actions we want to make our demand public and build up pressure to get those responsible to react in our favour. We want the Jobcenters to cover the complete rent of all Hartz IV households.

We invite you to design and plan the campaign and corresponding actions at our campaign meeting: every Monday 20-22 o’clock in Schererstr. 8 in Wedding.

Here you find further information.

If you have ideas and questions, please write to us at basta_mietenkampagne[ät] .

Tell your friends about the campaign!

You will hear from us!


Public Viewing & Breakfast

On the fifth of November, the Bundesverfassungsgericht (most high court in Germany) pronounces its ruling on the legality of Hartz IV sanctions. We want to watch the live-stream, have breakfast together and exchange ideas about the the pronouncement of the verdict.

Tuesday • 05.11. • 9 am • Alte Buchbinderei in the Schererstr. 8

Cancelled consultations

On the 18th and 25th of September there will be no consultation on wednesday. Illness, stress and a still chronic imbalance between the need for consultation and people who actively support our consultation on a long-term basis lead to the closing of the consultation wednesday for the next two weeks. Please also have a look at our still current call for support.

Fr. 30.08. | womens*group presents film evening #2: ‘Thelma & Louise’

“Thelma & Louise” (1991)

Housewife Thelma and friend Louise just want to escape the constraints of their daily routine for a weekend and decide to leave everything behind for a few days.

What begins as a weekend trip ends in a chase through the USA.

A road trip begins, which ends with both women becoming more and more rebels.

Trailer English

When: Friday, 30.8. from 8pm

Where: Prinzenallee 58 (Second backyard)

Big Basta picnic in Schillerpark (Saturday 24th of August)

It’s Basta summer break! There is no counselling but we want to celebrate the summer with you. Since Hartz-IV benefits are to little for having vacation, we would like to enjoy the summer in Schillerpark in Wedding.

On Saturday the 24th of August you are welcome to eat, drink, chat and play with us. Bring with you whatever you enjoy, some food or drinks or just yourselves. We are happy to see you!

We meet from 4 pm on the large meadow in Schillerpark. You can enter from Ungarn- or Edingburgerstraße (U-Seestraße)

summerbreak in August

We do a summerbreak. We will not organize counsellings and accompaniments during the whole August. The last counselling in July will be on July 31st 10am-1pm in the Schererstr. 8. The first counselling after the summerbreak will be on the 3rd of September 2-5pm also in the Schererstr. 8. Plenum will take place as usual on mondays at 7 pm.

For urgent needs we recommend you the brand new socialconselling in the Kiezhaus Agnes Reinhold in Afrikanischen Str.. Every Thursday from 3-6 pm.