About us

Hartz IV was the reason to start an initiative of unemployed people: BASTA! We decided to stand up for our own interests, instead of letting other people decide for us. We think that social protest needs more social centres and open rooms that sustain solidarity. Our consultation room in Schererstraße 8 is a public room in which solidarity can be experienced. Our personal experiences of poverty, housing shortage and mass unemployment are a collective, a political problem. We do not need to face this alone. And we should not except this passively.

There is a wide range of help and info-centres for people that are affected by the Hartz-IV-system. We are different: independent, self-organized, empowering. We learn from each other what it means to be excluded and how the Jobcentre is exploiting this situation. And we teach each other how to deal with it. Together, we strive to build a strong social structure “bottom-up”. One that stands for our interests in public and that helps to defend them in the Jobcentre. BASTA is open for everyone who seeks a politically biased consultation, accompaniment, support and/or organization. If you want to take action or just have a look, contact us

Our consultation is always on tuesday 2 pm – 5 pm and wednesday 10 am – 1 pm in Schererstraße 8. The plenum is every monday at 6 pm.

We are looking forward towelcoming you!


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