BASTA! In times of Corona

Dear ones,

we too have become quite out of step due to the virus, which is reflected in our current organisation.

From now on, there will be no more plenary sessions.

We will continue the counselling as we can for urgent cases (you decide). But for the time being only by mail. Please send a concrete consultation question to . Write in the subject “consultation question”. We will then get back to you. Please note that the current situation, which hits our class especially hard, will increase the need for counseling even further. Therefore, as always, organize yourself, try to do everything you can in advance and then write us a question that is as specific as possible.

The accompanying offer is also frozen. Please see that you don’t have to take any appointments at the moment and that there will be no negative consequences.

We are also trying to find other alternatives for consultation. As soon as there is something fix, you will know.

Stay healthy

Your BASTA!’s

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