#niemandzahltdrauf: rental campaign from BASTA! started

Dear comrades, dear friends, dear interested people,

we’re running a campaign right now. The aim of the campaign is to abolish the rental ceilings by the Jobcenters. The Jobcenters only pay rent up to a certain level. Whose rent is above this limit is usually simply “out of luck“ and has to pay the exceeding amount out of the “Grundbedarf“ (the amount of money for other basic needs besides rent). We want to put an end to this – especially in view of the general Berlin rent madness. The caps on rent amounts are regulated by the state of Berlin and can thus be abolished. By means of various actions we want to make our demand public and build up pressure to get those responsible to react in our favour. We want the Jobcenters to cover the complete rent of all Hartz IV households.

We invite you to design and plan the campaign and corresponding actions at our campaign meeting: every Monday 20-22 o’clock in Schererstr. 8 in Wedding.

Here you find further information.

If you have ideas and questions, please write to us at basta_mietenkampagne[ät]systemli.org .

Tell your friends about the campaign!

You will hear from us!


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