Urgent Call for support

Dear People,

since nearly ten years our social counselling exists as an essential part of left-wing infrastructure in Berlin. Countless times we saved people‘s ass – which means their material income – in the last second no matter if they are part of the left-scene or not. And also if many people don‘t had any problems with the jobcenter there was still the certainty that in the worst case they could rely on the solidary initiative.

That is for sure all true and right and that‘s how it is meant to be. We wan‘t to guard your back so that you can be politically active, without exhausting all the time in wage labour. In the past that worked nearly perfectly. However we have to admit, that in the last time we failed in reaching our ideal of a growing group. In the same time, in which we shrinked as a group the number of people coming to our counselling grew steadily. That now lead to the situation that week after week we’re overrunning our opening times so that many of us are on their last leg concerning their ressources.

In short we urgently need support to keep on going with the social counselling as an unconditional one. We‘re searching for people, who want to get started with the counselling as well as to organize with us for longer. In return you can expect a collective which you can really rely on and that gives you the security to stand beside you in difficult situations. We want the previous lines to be understood not as an kindly request, but as a serious call. If you‘re interested, please visit us during our opening times or write us an e-mail.

We look forward to hearing from you

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