brochure to the school of the poor

How can we get more people into our political organization? What bothers you as you are constantly part of the daily routine of the jobcenters, but are not yet a part of our structure? How can we get closer to each other and together put political pressure on the injustice of the jobcenters?

With the (un-)regulary happening school of the poor we try to find answers to all of theses questions. They should create a space to get to know each other, to exchange views and ideas and to make plans. All that between us, who are already part of BASTA! and people, who are interested in our political work.

All details about our motivation, content and a reflective retrospect you can find in the brochure, that we now finally put together for the first school of the poor. If you are interested in physical copies you’re welcome to write us an E-Mail. The brochure is bilingual and the digital version you find here: german & english.

By the way, we are currently preparing the third round of the school of the poor, so if you want to be involved, we would be also happy, if you could leave us a contact.

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