Invitation for the School of the Unemployed Fr. 10.02.2017

Dear Supporters of BASTA!

In the end of 2016 we asked you via mail to suggest topics that are in your mind for the second edition of our School of the Unemployed. The events shall be about unemployment, jobcenter and poverty. Some of you responded to our mail. First of all there are specific emphases now as a result of the suggestions some of you made:

– Theater workshop: Less stress at jobcenter appointments

– Letters to the jobcenter on a level playing field: Developing text modules

– Poverty among the elderly

– Sanction regime and the media star

– Extraparliamentary political structures by and for unemployed people

– Unconditional basic income & solidary economy & equivalent economy

On a brief meeting we asked participants for their basic willingness to prepare the suggestions in form and content, which can be used to introduce a discussion. To disperse the thematic and organizational work and present our thoughts we want to invite all of you who shared a contact with us. The next preparation meeting will take place on Friday, 10.02. 2017 at 5 pm at our counseling room Schererstraße 8 in Wedding.

The named emphases are first suggestions. If you’ve got additional ideas modification in the schedule are possible and welcome.

Regarding the organizational side we seek support for culinary preparation and the documenation as well as english translation of the particular events.

To make this School of the Unemployed as nice and productive as the first one we will need the support of everyone who is interested.

We are looking forward to see you on Friday the 10.02.2017!

BASTA! – Unemployed Citizens’ Initiative Berlin-Wedding

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