Wir suchen Ideen! monatliche Veranstaltung bei der FAU

Dear friends and fellows,

First of all a happy new year to all of you without nasty job assistances and sanctions. We contact you because we need your ideas, creativity and knowledge. This year Basta will be at FAU (free workers union) in Grüntaler Str. 24, 13357 Berlin every 4th friday of a month from afternoon to evening to create an “Open space”.

We thought to transfering practical knowledge and skills during these afternoons. Some of you already told us about your skills, professions or hobbies, which they would like to share with others through Basta. Now this should become more concrete:

  • Can you imagine to prepare one of those Fridays in 2017 together with us and share your knowledge?
  • This can happen in many different ways from “how can I install my pc?” to fixing things in your home, basics of oil painting or massage or sports skills, discussing philosophical questions, music etc. Everything is open right now.
  • Your ideas and passions are very welcome. Please just tell us through mail or come to the first meeting at FAU on 27th January if you have any idea.

We can talk about further information like roomsize, needed material and content then together. On 27th January there will be the first afternoon starting at 5 p.m. There we will sit together for planing the next month, eating cake, drinking coffee and share ideas.

We are happy hearing from you and your thoughts about it. Best wishes from Basta*

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